3 Canyons Ranch Master Homeowners Association

Welcome to the Three Canyons Ranch Master Homeowners Association (HOA). The HOA serves the Three Canyons Ranch community located in Hereford, Arizona.


Agenda for the July 18th Annual Meeting

Annual Assessments The invoices are coming from Stachel and Associates and remittances should be mailed to them.

Gate Access Issues For all gate access problems, please contact Tom Pickering at tcp7105@aol.com or (520) 266-0174 for assistance.

Receive important notices from your HOA Board by email.

Board Meetings

Meeting Time is 5:30pm

  • Wednesday 14th October 2015
  • Wednesday 13th January 2016
  • Wednesday 13th April 2016
  • Wednesday 8th June 2016

Board meetings will be held at La Purisima Retreat Center.

La Purisima Retreat Center

Annual Membership Meetings

  • Saturday 16th July 2016

Annual Membership meetings will be held at Buena High School.

Buena High School

Master Design Committee Meetings

The MDC will generally meet the second Monday of every month. Meetings are held at 6:00 pm.

  • Monday 12th October 2015
  • Monday 9th November 2015
  • Monday 14th December 2015
  • Monday 11th January 2016
  • Monday 8th February 2016
  • Monday 14th March 2016
  • Monday 11th April 2016
  • Monday 9th May 2016
  • Monday 13th June 2016

Master Design Committee meetings will be held at Ricardo's Restaurant.

Ricardo's Restaurant