Important HOA Information


HOA annual assessments have always been due by July 1 of each year. Late fees are assessed 15 days past July 1. Interest fees are assessed 30 days past July 1. Per Three Canyons CC&Rs section 7 paragraph 7.12, “the failure of the master association to send a bill to an owner shall not relieve any owner of the liability for any assessment or charge under this Master Declaration...”

Property Modifications

BEFORE YOU DO ***ANYTHING*** ON YOUR PROPERTY, please contact a member of the Master Design Committee. The CC&Rs require that any exterior changes to structures (i.e. dimensional changes, elevations, colors, etc.), walls, fences, and driveways must be approved by the Master Design Committee, prior to construction. The Master Design Committee meets on the second Monday of each month. Items for approval by the committee must be received no later than close of business the Thursday prior to the monthly meeting. Items received after the deadline will be placed on the meeting agenda for the following month. To obtain approval you must submit the completed MDC Guideline Checklist and any necessary supporting documents. You must provide the MDC with current information regarding any construction or other projects you have planned for your property. Plans must be submitted for any additional improvements. Failure to do so may result in fines.

In Accordance with Section 4, paragraph 4.3.4, page 25 of the CC&Rs (warning: size over 14 MBs), all set back requirements shall be strictly enforced. It is the sole responsibility of the homeowner for any construction errors. Builders, subcontractors and construction personnel will not be held accountable. Structures not meeting the setback requirements will have to be corrected to be in compliance with the CC&Rs. Please review Section 4 of the CC&Rs for clarification on construction restrictions.

Change of Address or Assessments

Changes of address may be submitted to Three Canyons Ranch Master Homeowners Association, PO Box 970, Hereford, AZ 85615 or via email to

Assessment questions should be addressed to Three Canyons Ranch Master Homeowners Association, PO Box 970, Hereford, AZ 85615 or via email to